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Innovateur Capital A.C. has the experience in the creation, management and operation of investment trust funds focused on qualified private investors and for investment funds structures.

Fiscal and legal vehicles operated by Innovateur Capital A.C., had been proved as excellent options for investing in development and expansion capital for Mexican SME’s. This vehicles offer a higher profit at a low creation, management and operation costs compared to other investment funds that operates in Mexico.

Innovateur’s investment trust fund structure offers a safe operative environment to investors during the established life cycle of the trust fund.

 Along its path, Innovateur Capital A.C. has created specialized technological platforms for selection, management and promotion of investment opportunities.Nowadays, we want to expand those opportunities all around the country by the creation of Investment Trust Funds of Development Capital available for qualified institutions and individuals.

This format works as a joint investment between Innovateur Capital A.C. and interested investors. Success is ensured by the mixed use of tools and project selection mechanisms and by the support in management and operation of the trust fund.

Our support in the creation, management and operation processes of the created trust funds will be permanent. The joint investment format is exclusively focused on qualified institutions and individuals that gather all the characteristics required for the optimal management of the financial instrument.


·         Proof

o   Focus parameters

o   Management parameters

o   Operative parameters

o   Valuation parameters

o   Capabilities

o   Announcing mechanisms

o   Investment Structures

o   Private Investment Prospects

·         Creation

o   Promotion

o   Investment commitment

o   Trust fund constitution

o   Investment lobbying for institutional capital

o   Entrepreneurial announcing

·         Management

o   Intranet platform for investments

o   Reports

o   Accountancy

·         Operation

o   Analysis methodology

o   Due Diligence

o   Creation of Investment structure

o   Accompaniment

o   Reports

o   Divestment structure

If you want to be part of a joint investment in the creation of an investment trust fund, please contact us .


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