• Allow investors of all sizes to take part of capital investments
  • Foster private direct investments in profitable projects mostly focused in early stages of small and medium sized firms.
  • Train co-workers and enterprising members with the necessary tools to evaluate, identify, select and, finally, invest in projects and enterprises in a professional way.
  • Establish mechanisms for an optimal discrimination of projects, based on investors’ interests and priorities.
  • Create databases as consult references that help the members to validate information of enterprising projects
  • Create a link between projects and expert advisors in order to add more value to the project
  • Foster meetings between investors and entrepreneurs.
  • Assure the protection and confidentiality of all the information about the members and their activities within the club.
  • Assure transparency with the members in the management of the Club´s resources.
  • Provide investors with the more suitable vehicle for specific investments between members in order to maximize revenues and lower the risk through an exclusive investment trust fund.
  • Provide members with information about instruments that make easier the exit from an investment through strategic alliances with, national and international, investment funds, private and development banking institutions, AMEXCAP among others.
  • Favor the transfer of successful practices concerning the development of investors clubs worldwide.
  • Assure the good intentions and the technical qualities of entrepreneurs and advisors. 
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