Innovateur Capital Fund

We are an investment fund focused on investments in early stages of the following sectors:

  • Financial services
  • Mining sector
  • Business support services
  • Disruptive technologies

We are focused on investing in small and medium enterprises with high chances of expansion. The fund provides of direct investments and effective accompaniment to strong firms that aren’t considered by Mexican investors because of their size.

In Mexico 80% of total employment is provided by small and medium enterprises; therefore, the scarcity of investment capital and debt options for this type of firms represents a strong opportunity in the country.

We’ve considered a wide range of investments in those firms where partners, managers and executives have large and tested experience.

Our investment thesis is characterized by a disciplined process of decision and a strong enterprising commitment to work closely with directors and value added initiatives.

Our analysis, selection and operation tools are widely proved and strictly adapted to the requirements of small and medium Mexican enterprises.

Our main differentials:

  • Experience
  • Focused on SME’s
  • Fiduciary safety
  • Legal certainty
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