Investors Club Innovateur Capital A.C

We were the first club recognized by Secretaria de Economia with the goal of providing a methodology for private investors to get through investment stages (selection, accompaniment and exit) safely in order to assure high revenues for the investment.

We recognize the investors as the main source of the venture capital industry value chain because they contribute with the capital, expertise and contacts required by the firms in early stages.

We spread the venture capital culture to every player involved in the market by the training the potential investors and entrepreneurs, advisory to projects that want to be presented in a professional way to investors and by providing the link between enterprising projects and, private or public, venture capital.

The organization counts with highly qualified co-workers and investors, from all-around the world, interested in sharing knowledge and expertise regarding structuring schemes, support, validation, regulation and promotion of private investment in the early stages of enterprises.  


On July 2010, we were 16 certified investors clubs operating in Mexico and we continue our expansion through knowledge and methodology transfers to other cities within the country. 

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